The Last Samurai, Joe Okada

People who believe that Samurais exist in Japan come to Japan and get disappointed, because they cannot find any samurais on the street. But, if you want to meet a real samurai, there he is. Joe Okada.


The celebrated, oldest-working Licensed-English Guide

Go meet the Last Samurai in Kyoto. This 90-year-old tour guide conducts tours there. On Saturdays, you can join his “Cool Kyoto Walking Tour“. The experience with this most powerful, oldest-working tour guide will be a superb one!

Cool Kyoto Walking Tour includes:

・Visiting several art-related stores, shrines and temples

・Sake tasting

・A rare Samurai sword demonstration

・Japanese Food tasting at a local market street

Who do you think the sword demonstration will be performed by?


A video is worth a thousand words

Click the video and see some parts of the tour!

How did you like it? Wasn’t it really cool?

He speaks very good English. He is the most powerful 90-year-old guy in the world. He is a really awesome tour guide. He’s very knowledgeable, and also has a really good sense of humor. You’ll find it really fun during the tour, because he makes you laugh all the time.


Go meet Samurai Joe!!

Click the link below for more information of his tour. He also conducts a private tour, too. He is the one to meet!


Travel tips

Samurai Joe’s Cool Kyoto Walking Tour:




Writer: Omotena Sushi

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