Japanese Cooking Class in Osaka


Cherry Blossoms in Osaka [O-Sushi’s Travels]

When do they bloom? Cherry blossoms generally bloom in late March in Osaka, lasting more than a week until early April. It depends on the weather conditions of that particular year, so you need to check the cherry blossoms forecast if you are planning a trip to Japan during that season. You can google it, …

The Burning of Mount Wakakusa in Nara [O-Sushi’s Travels]

A Ritualized burning of the grasses on the hill Those lovely deer always welcome me when I visit Nara. They’re always really pretty! Oh, yeah, I came here to see the burning of a mountain. What is The Burning of Mount Wakakusa? It is one of the most important rituals in Nara during the winter …

Local cuisine, Art, Nature, and Hot springs in Nara [Osushi’s Travels]

Yamanobe drive⇨Silver grass viewing⇨Hot springs!! Popular attractions in Nara are generally temples, shrines, and deer in Nara park. But there are also nice attractions out in the suburbs. This is the plan I made. You need a car, and it is a day trip in the suburbs. Persimmon Leaf Sushi Nara’s local specialty sushi. It’s called …

Shrine with free-ranged roosters in Nara [Osushi’s Travels]

Nara = Deer and the Great Buddha? Nara is famous for Deer and the Great Buddha. It’s always so much fun to visit Todaiji temple and see those pretty deer.   Shrine with Roosters It’s not only deer and buddha, but roosters.  Isonokami shrine, one of the oldest shrines in Japan, is worth visiting.  It keeps …

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