Nara = Deer and the Great Buddha?

Nara is famous for Deer and the Great Buddha. It’s always so much fun to visit Todaiji temple and see those pretty deer.


Shrine with Roosters

It’s not only deer and buddha, but roosters.  Isonokami shrine, one of the oldest shrines in Japan, is worth visiting.  It keeps free-ranged roosters!  It’s not a touristy spot, so you can experience a shrine worshiped by locals. It’s located in Tenri-City, about 60 mins from Osaka-Namba.

⬇️ A pair of silky fowls

⬇️ Cool looking rooster

⬇️ The house is not locked. They freely go in and out.

⬇️ The entrance looks just like a regular shrine, but it’s quite unique inside.


Travel Tips

Isonokami Shrine website link:


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