Helloooooo from Aakashi, Hyogo prefecture!!


Japanese people eat octopus a lot. People in Osaka especially love TAKOYAKI=Octopus ball.

I heard that here in Akashi, Octopus balls are a bit different. That’s why I came here to check it.

UONTANA Market is located nearby Akashi Fishery Port. You’ll find lots of fish stores and TAKOYAKI restaurants.

(Here, people call takoyaki AKASHIYAKI“. They distinguish their soul food from the ones in Osaka!)

↓Walking through the market:


Food-tasting-walk through the market

Don’t get too full before you reach the octopus balls!!!

↑Cooked octopus. Sweet and salty. Super soft!

↑Cooked squid.


Restaurant “TAKO”

This is the restaurant I chose!!!

Finally, my dream came true!

Takoyaki in Akashi (from now I call them Akashiyaki). In Osaka, you put sauce, bonito flakes, seaweed, mayonnaise and green onion on them, but here in Akashi, you put them into fish stock. The green is not green onion, but Japanese herb. It’s really good! It was too hot and I had to wait for a while… If you prefer to put sauce on them, there is a bottle of sauce, too. Local people eat them with sauce on it and putting it into the soup. It sounds weird, but it’s worth trying!



Akashi’s seabream is said to be the best in Japan, because of the strong tides in Akashi Channel that makes it yummy.

Another dish I ordered here was a rice bowl with sea bream sashimi.  It’s called “OCHA ZUKE”. You put green tea into the rice bowl to enjoy the harmony of fish soaked in the hot green tea. Wasabi, Japanese herb and pickles come with it, too. Enjoy the flavor!


The popsicle called “AKASHI SAIDA” matches with Akashiyaki!! It tastes like 7UP.

I’m full now! Yeyyy!


Writer:  Omotena Sushi

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