Here I came to Nara!


One of the things to do during the rainy season is this!! Guess what flowers these are.


They are hydrangeas. I came to Yatadera temple in Nara prefecture. It’s also called “Hydrangea temple”.


There are 60 kinds, over 10,000 hydrangeas in this temple.


I enjoyed so many kinds and colourful flowers!


It is lucky if you find heart-shaped ones:)


I thought it is only a dream to be surrounded by flowers like this. But it came to real!


This temple is also renowned for JIZO BOSATSU who came to this world to save people after the death of Shakamuni Buddha. They are here and there in the temple.


On those wooden plaques are wishes of people. Buddha must be busy taking care of them… 🙂


I had some matcha tea at the Japanese room in the temple.


It’s great for a souvenir. Sweet that mocks hydrangea.


Travel Info

Click here to jump to Yatadera Temple’s website!

If you go there by train, reach out to Kintetsu Yamato Koriyama, or JR Horyuji. There are buses from the station.


Writer:  Omotena Sushi

omotena sushi