A Unique Cooking Class in Osaka

Wasabi Kitchen is a unique Cooking Class in Osaka. Today, we cooked “Hand-rolled Sushi” together with guests from India, Britain, and Hawaii. Sushi Hat Photo Session afterwards was really fun and exciting. Scroll down for more photos!!



Hand-Rolled Sushi

When you hear “Sushi”, you might conjure up an image of a slice of raw fish on a rice ball. Actually, Japanese eat Sushi in various styles. Hand-Rolled Sushi is one kind. It’s good especially at a home party.

↓Sushi rice has to be cooled down to around body temperature. They are fanning the rice to cool it down.


↓Making Dashi (fish soup stock) for Miso Soup.


↓Trying to hand-roll a Sushi.


Preparing the food together!


↓Kid’s table. Having a lot of fun 🙂



Everyone wears a Sushi Hat!! And, the mascot character O-SUSHI comes!

Looking really cool 🙂 !!


Fun cooking, rolling many sushi pieces, getting really full and having a unique photo session!!

Everyone was really excited and had a lot of fun 🙂


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Writer:  Omotena Sushi

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