Visiting a Cat Cafe!

Cat cafes are major tourist attractions in Japan in Japan. If you google “Cat cafe in Osaka”, there are many of them. One thing I think I need to mention is that a cat cafe is NOT a cafe where you enjoy your coffee in a relaxing room with cats, but it is a place where you enjoy CATS (not coffee)!! The cat cafe I went to today had about 30 cats and they were all so pretty and friendly.

The entrance charge depends on the cafe, it’s from around 1,000 yen to 2,000/hour depending on the menu. Some cat cafes don’t serve drinks, some serve meals. It varies. The ones that serve drinks or meals normally serve them in a separate room, because your meals may be stolen by cats!! Haha! So, you’ll be enjoying meals watching cats playing or sleeping, from a separate room through windows.

Here are some pretty cats ↓

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Rescuing Stray Cats

There are many types of cat cafes. The one I visited today is a cat cafe with rescued cats. It actually helps to match cats with new owners whose families they can join. In Japan, TNR activities are becoming more active. TNR means Trap, Neuter, Return, an effective method for managing neighbourhood stray cats to keep the numbers down, helping to reduce the need for culling. The TNR cats’ ears are cut V-shaped. And they are called “Sakura cat” as their ears look like a Sakura petal (Sakura=Cherry blossom). This “mark” prevents cats from being unnecessarily caught again for TNR.



I met a cat who likes wearing hats. So, he tried my sushi hats on!!

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Travel Tips

When visiting a cat cafe, I recommend you go in the morning or in the evening, because cats are  nocturnal and they are more active then. In the morning they are hungry and it’s normally brekky time, so they are active. But in the afternoon it’s their sleeping time. What if someone wakes you up in the middle of the night touching, holding or talking to you???


Writer: Omotena Sushi


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