The lady at the Chanpon place  told me about this really YUMMY fruit juice at “Mommy’s Cafe”, so I visited it there!

The owner of this cafe is an expert of vegetable and fruit. She’s got qualifications called “Vegetable sommeliere” and “Fruit meister”.


I had the juice on the right side of this photo. It’s mixed with several kinds of citrus fruits♪ YUMYUM:D

The green thing on the left is vegetable mix, my friend had it!


Well, we took a photo together, but who is the man looking at me from behind !?!?!?


The owner lady recommends “Roasted Sweet potatoes” as one of the best menu in her cafe. I’ll try it next time I visit !

OR, you can order them on the website (if you live in Japan):

Click here to go onto Mommy’s cafe website!


Mommy-san! Thanks for the fun talk! I really enjoyed it and your yummy juice!!


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