Chanpon noodles in Sakurajima island

This Ramen-like noodles are called CHANPON. Originally a local food of Nagasaki prefecture in Kyushu island. It comes with fried veggies and pork or chicken in pork based soup.

What makes this Chanpon special is that its viggies are fried with camellia oil. I checked the price of the oil on the internet. It’s about 10 dollars per 50ml!!! Wow!

I thought camallia oil is not edible, but it is super oil. It is used for skin care products, industrial products, food, hair care oil, and so on. Wow!

Well, the veggies fried with camellia oil are really soft and smooth, matching well with noodles and soup.

I had too much food the previous night, and I wasn’t hungry at all. BUT, I finished this Chanpon SOOO quick!!



This beautiful lady makes camellia oil from growing the fruit to squeezing the oil all by herself!!! According to her, this is why she can use such expensive oil to this ramen. If she bought the oil, the Chanpon would cost a lot more than now.

If you are interested in how camellia oil tastes, you should do there!!

It’s located near by the KUROKAMI BURIED TORII

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